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Rose Turkish Delight Manufacturer

For more information about rose turkish delight, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Export Department
Giyimkent Sit. Istanbul Tic. Sarayi No: 108/586
Esenler / Istanbul / TURKEY
(From ATATURK International Airport 10 minutes by car)


Phone: +90 (212) 503 66 00 pbx
Cell Phone: +90 (541) 311 21 21

+90 541 311 21 21






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Turkish delight or Lokum is a family of confections based on a gel of starch and sugar. Premium varieties consist largely of chopped dates, pistachios .
- Cast Types Of Delight 2- Double Roasted Turkish Delight With Double Mini- Varieties 3- Types Of Mini Delight 4- Types Of Sausage Delight. There are varieties of sugar during Ramadan feast. Our Turkish delight assortment consists of best quality dried nuts and is produced with best workmanship. Turkish Delight was originally known as Lokum, produced in Turkey since ... his various food items, including various types of Turkish Delight.
Turkish Delight rolled. with mint flavoured. and coated coconuts. Turkish Delight sultan type. rolled with pistachio. Turkish Delight sultan type. with almond .
Turkish delight are small, fragrant cubes of jelly, usually flavoured with rosewater, orange flower water or citrus fruit juice.A lot of people are asking why it is called Turkish delight when it smells like roses and that is because in Turkey the most popular delight is actually a rose water .The wonderful aroma of 'Turkish delight' isn't like a melted chocolate bar, it's more the smell of relaxation and delight in a warm, happy home.It occurred to me American members might not know what Turkish Delight smells like, it's the name of a popular chocolate bar: Quote.BUY ALL TURKISH DELIGHTS UK AND ISTANBUL. FRAGRANCES, SCENTED CANDLES ... SHOP ALL FRAGRANCES CANDLES SHOP ALL CANDLES.Sweets in Turkish Delight shop, Istikial Caddesi. ... Istanbul; Turkish Delight shop, Istanbul; Food cart vendor, Istanbul; Portrait, Istanbul; Calligraphy, Istanbul.Shopping for turkish delight in Istanbul, Turkey.